Best Take Out Menu Agawam MA

Best Take Out Menu Agawam MA

Best Take Out Menu – Agawam MA


The Take Out Menu at The Federal Restaurant

Agawam’s Federal Restaurant has the best take out menu in western Massachusetts. Have you seen The Federal Restaurant takeout menu? At The Federal, we have unique and tantalizing appetizers, side dishes and entrees that our patrons rave about. When the federal caters your party, gathering, celebration or  event, your guests will rave about the unforgettable food!

The Federal’s Appetizer list from the take out menu marries the the most flavorful tastes and textures. Some of patrons’ favorite appetizers include fig poppers (a seasonal selection), prosciutto di parma, the federal’s famous risotto balls with fresh black truffle butter, and steamed PEI mussels flavored with a touch of sambuca.

The Federal Restaurant take out menu entrée list is equally impressive and certain to please. Our roasted meats, chicken, salmon and shrimp entrée selections are melt-in-your-mouth tender. Pasta offerings include the federal’s amazing truffles “mac & cheese”, pasta soffrito, and chicken Bolognese. Roasted beef tenderloin, lavender honey side of salmon, rosemary roasted statler chicken breast, roasted flank steak, grilled breaded shrimp skewers, and boneless braised beef short ribs.

Tap to view and download the federal’s entire take out menu.

The Federal Restaurant’s menu is modern with strong Italian and French influences, cuisine with a ‘New American’ attitude. For innovative pairings, textures and flavors, make it a point to make The Federal Restaurant your favorite for any occasion.

best take out menu agawam ma

Best Takeout Menu – Agawam MA, East Longmeadow MA